Warranty offered

Here at Alaska's Supreme Painting Company we offer a five (5) year warranty on most work. Here are our terms.

Alaska's Supreme Painting & Contracting LLC
Limited warranty

-Five (5) year workmanship
-Conditional Warranty
-Extended Product Warranty
-Non-Transferable Warranty

Five (5) year Workmanship
              This warranty will go into effect upon completion of the project, and will be continuous for five (5) years conditionally on any workmanship Alaska's Supreme Painting Company has conducted.

Conditional Warranty
              Alaska's Supreme Painting Company is responsible for any failure in its workmanship, and will conduct the necessary work to make the project right. Due to effects of nature, Alaska's Supreme Painting will not be responsible for any failure caused by Fire, Wind, Earthquake, or any other acts of uncontrolled nature.

Extended Product Warranty
              The products Alaska's Supreme Painting apply may have a conditional warranty as stated on the labels. For more information on fading or other product failures, contact Alaska's Supreme Painting or the company that distributes the product.

WARRANTY NOT OFFERED MORE THEN 2 YEARS:   We do not warranty timber-flex, raw-hide, sikins, or any clear coated homes more then 2 years, as these products require maintenance  coatings every 2-3 years. 

NOTE: If any warranty work is needed we ask our customers please contact thru email at: or you may try us @ (907) 240-3707.  If we don't get back to you right away it usually means we are in the field working, but we will get back to you with-in 2 days. 

Alaska's Supreme Painting & Contrcating LLC
Anchorage, Alaska 99515


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