Our Process

With a process driven background, we have developed our company to provide a high quality, consistent customer experience from Estimate, to rough out, through the final touches.  We believe that the small details matter and are what take a project from good to great.

At the core, our process is dedicated to producing nearly perfect service, ensuring quality and consistency for our clients.

Using our knowledge, experience, and certification of the Lean Six Sigma “6σ” Minded Process, our approach is to provide all clients with consistent experience and high quality.



It all starts with communication, a key part of our process and vital to any working relationship, we aim to understand our clients needs clearly and keep our clients informed and involved in our process.

Bouncing ideas off our clients, contractors, and other invested parties, generating creative ways to approach a project through group discussions. This process of continuous brain storming allows a project to come to fruition and have the desired outcome for the client.


Voice of the Customer

We request our customer’s input by either internal or external means. Our goal is to provide each customer the best products and services.

We encourage our customers to ask the questions, observe our work in progress, and input their feedback at each stage of the project.  This involvement generates clarity, which is vital to ensure we understand the needs of the customer, and a successful project that leaves all stakeholders satisfied.

Our customers feedback throughout is critical to the success of every project.


    Preparation on Interiors:

    Protecting all areas that we may be painting in, this consist of covering furniture, counters, floors, lights, outlets, etc.., We then will patch all holes, nail pops, cracks. We spot texture areas needed to fade out the blemishes. Priming to new drywall areas, prime ink areas to avoid bleed through, prime over deep bases if needed. After all surfaces are ready we then will provide you with only the best paint job available.


    Preparation on Exteriors:

    Pressure washing to remove dust, dirt, and loose paint. We scrape , sand, or wire brush all areas needed to make a sound surface for primer/paint. We check all windows/ door jams/ siding for any areas needed to be caulked. Before any painting/priming is started we cover all areas not to be painted. We are extremely careful around all flower beds/plants/and shrubs.


    Cleaning and Restoration:

    All areas are protected before proceeding on restoring your exterior projects. We use a Bio-degradable Chemical to remove clear coats, stains, paint, damaged gray wood, even shot-gun spores. After extensive washing, we provide a wood brightener to all stripped surfaces.



    Post-painting inspection of work. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We Inspect our work before we consider the job complete. We allow our customers to do a final walk thru so we know they are happy.

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